Rekindling The Heart Through Song

Personalized Songs

Dear Song Lovers,
We have truly found a calling! We are song makers and YOU ALL have given us reason to SING! We are SO thankful for this opportunity to get creative FOR YOU!!!

If you’ve found this page, it means that there’s a desire burning within you for a song crafted by MaMuse especially for you or a loved one.

Here’s how it works:

You fill out the form listed below. We take your information, consult with the Muses, and begin the creative process of allowing the channels to open and the song to flow through.

Songs may come through in many forms, each one is different and personalized. You may receive an acapella ditty , a front porch banjo heart wrencher, a Silky sweet lullaby, a soulful soul inspiring anthem….or something no one has ever heard or experienced.

Enjoy the prompts below to get your juices flowing, which in turn gets our juices flowing. We look forward to allowing a most special and delightful song to come through our beings directly for you or you loved one(s).
Send us anything that seems relevant or occurs to you to send us. We will take it from there!

$20-40 Sliding Scale: You Decide What You Pay

Chico Community Acupuncture charges a $20-$40 sliding scale per treatment. Naturally, not all patients pay the average of $30. Some intentionally pay more to support access for all, others pay the minimum. We want you to pay what you can afford. All patients are the same for us, no matter what they pay.

Name *
You OR the person you're commissioning it for. Could be their given name or a name by which this beautiful being would want to be called. i.e. Jane Fonda or Meggy Pants...etc
i.e. She is about to take a big journey and needs support to make the LEAP! She's wild and fun and has a broken foot.
i.e. lullaby, love song, silly, upbeat, spiritual, healing song, etc

After you submit your pledge, please make a donation between $100-$1,000.