Rekindling The Heart Through Song



(“Ma” as in Mamma; “Muse” as in the one who inspires)
Harmonic, Uplifting, Luscious, Folk-Soul-Revival; A Musical Tune-Up for the Heart

Wholeheartedly fed by the folk and gospel traditions, MaMuse (Sarah Nutting and Karisha Longaker) create uplifting music to inspire the world into thriving. Interweaving brilliant and haunting harmony with lyrics born of honed emotional intelligence, MaMuse invokes a musical presence that inspires the opening of the heart. Playing a family of varied acoustic instruments including upright bass, guitar, mandolins, ukulele, and flutes, while backed by guitar virtuoso Walter Strauss and inspired drummer (Mike Wofchuck), these two powerful women embody a love for all life. The synergy that is created through this musical connection is palpable and truly moving to witness.

With nine delicious years of co-creation and five full length albums under their belts, MaMuse keep their hearts tuned to the creation of music for the health of ALL BEINGS.



“You wanna let yourself be lifted? ‘Hallelujah’ won the Prairie Home Companion Duet Contest a while back, and my gosh. MaMuse is all of a walk along the river, and I’d meet ‘em there, any day, down by the water.”

— Mrs. Sundberg, Housewife and Writer (borrowed from the Prairie Home Companion Website)

smiling muses EDIT.jpeg

MaMuse Tech Needs 4 Piece Band

  • 3 Vocal mics with boom stands

  • 2 instrument mics with boom stands

  • 1 XLR chord to plug into our pre-amp for our stand up bass

  • 1 XLR chord for our guitarist

  • 1 DI box for ukulele

  • Mics for a simple drum kit (kick, snare, ride cymbal, high hat)

  • 1 mic chord for a cajón (box drum) we have our own mic for it

  • 4 Monitors (Sarah, Karisha and Mike, Walter)

  • Power supply at front of stage

Our cell numbers are:

  • Karisha: (530) 566-5302

  • Sarah: (530) 781-2369

Liquid Honey”
”MaMuse engage their audience, allowing the spirits of one and all to take flight and soar.
— Cloud Moss, Kate Wolf Music Festival
Weaving extraordinary voices with surprising syncopation, MaMuse’s soulful folk commitment is evident with every note.”
”Vocal bliss
— Dan DeWayne, California WorldFest
Otherworldly voices. A unique and completely original approach to harmonies. Lyrics that lift my soul.
— Peter Berkow, "Music Gone Public" - A Public Television Concert Series
My favorite new music of the last few years. Pure magic.
— Paul Emery, Paul Emery Presents